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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Outage Manchester to London

One of our resilient links between manchester and London. The issue was causing some instability to our network and the affected link has been taken out of service while the fault is fixed. While this means that some services at Manchester may be seen as ‘at risk’ the remainder of our network is now stable.

The faulty link will be re-enabled as soon as we have an assurance that the issue is fully resolved. Our apologies for the problems this caused – we are working on ensuring that a similar issue can not cause any further network instability.

Planned work – ADSL Platform

We will be performing some planned work on our ADSL platform on 14/01/2009 at 10am. This is a minor configuration change that should not have any affect on users connected. Please note that you may see a brief connection drop although that is not planned at this time.

This will only affect users who log in with a ‘@dsl’ login to our network.

Any problems please let support know in the normal way

Generator Maintenance

We are having planned maintenance on our backup generator at our Huntingdon Data Centre on 13th January 2009. While this should not affect any services as with anything there is a very small element of risk while this work is carried out.

Note that mains power will not be interrupted and our UPS systems are still in place though the maintenance


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