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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Generator works 27/06/14

Following an issue located during testing today there will be some work carried out to resolve a water leak on our generator.

An inspection will take place approx 8:30am Friday and once the leak has been localised a plan of action will be made to resolve the issue.

This work will not affect power to the data centre however there may be short periods where the generator in unable to take the load.

Planned work 12/06/14 [ completed]

We have been advised that one of our suppliers will be performing some work on one of the links between London and Avro court leading to a 30 minutes outage on that link. As there are three diverse links to Avro Court this should not cause any outage here, but may lead to a small disturbance as the network falls over to the resilient paths.

The orks are planned between 00:01 and 06:00 on the 12th June

This work is now completed


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