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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Network change freeze 2015

Please note that our network freeze will be in place from 6pm on 16/12/2015 and will last until 10am on 04/01/2016.

During this time, any change requests that involve the Merula core network will be postponed until the resumption of supplier normal services on 04/01/2016. This is to ensure existing services are not affected by a lack of resource by the network operator.

Christmas & New Year arrangements 2015

Please note that the offices in Huntingdon will be closed between 5pm 23rd Dec and 9am January 5th 2016.

Over this period, urgent telephone support calls will still be answered when calling 0845 330 0666. Email support tickets will be handled intermittently, so if the need is urgent, please call the support line who will escalate if appropriate under the SLA.

Our supplier portals will also be “frozen” so we won’t be processing any new orders during this period.

We wish you all a restful & happy Christmas and New Year.

[CLEARED] Speed & traffic issues across the Merula broadband network

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday from Microsoft. In addition, last night Apple released large updates to both iOS and OS X. As a consequence, all supplier back-haul networks (BT, TalkTalk, Vodafone etc) are seeing a dramatic spike in traffic across their links which is impacting our own services to our customers – those of you on ADSL/FTTC type circuits.

We apologise for this but this traffic should slowly die away over the course of the day so download speeds will start to see improvements.

Please bear with us. If you’re still seeing speed problems tonight/tomorrow, then raise a support ticket in the usual manner.


The main support number is 0845 330 0666 (geographical 01480 355566)

There’s a second, fallback (geographical) number: 01480 411616. All numbers ring directly at our support centre, manned 24hrs x 365 days a year.

We'd also suggest that all customers subscribe to our mailing list (link above); status messages and updates will be delivered by email.