We’ve been advised by BT Openreach that since around 9:46Am today, they’ve been experiencing connectivity problems with a number of their ADSL lines especially in these two counties caused by what they believe is a broken/failed back-haul cable. There’s no time to fix given yet.

Service restored: FINAL: The onsite cable repair team completed the activities by 03:55. All Broadband services were prioritised and restored at either 00:15 or 00:30.

[UPDATE] Cable incident has now been raised as the fault has been proved out from both ends (Colchester & Ipswich). Precision testing officers (PTO) are working on localizing the fault which is 4.72km away from Ipswich telephone exchange. A PTO is in the field driving to the location of Bourne Hill which is in the Wherstead area of Ipswich. The fault has yet to be confirmed but on initial findings it looking like a 96 fibre cable that has been affected.