On Tuesday 13th September, Apple releases the new version of iOS v10 following the launch of their new iPhone 7, followed not long afterwards by macOS Sierra, the new version of their desktop operating system, on 20th September.

We expect there to be a significant up-tick in traffic because of this, both through the whole day and probably well into the following ones.

We have plenty of spare capacity within our network and don’t envisage any problems directly affecting circuits supplied by us but the nationwide backhaul providers will be under some pressure, so be aware that transit may be slower than usual until this traffic dies down naturally.

There is still time to move to one of our fantastic unlimited tariffs before this onslaught hits!

If you’d like to upgrade we can offer you a FREE migrate from ADSL or another FTTC supplier so please get in touch straight away.

Email us using this link or call our free sales line on 0800 298 2375.