We are aware of a current issue at the Harbour Exchange Square (HEX) Data Centre

Note that currently none of our equipment at the site is down – but we have seen a number of suppliers we connect to down and a number of other providers with issues too

We have a small number of leased lines down as a result – most auto swapped over to the backup interconnect in Telehouse – there’s 2-3 that we are looking at to manually move.

At this point – we have had a single update from Equinix to say a fire alarm triggered at 4:30 which is when we saw connections drop – we re waiting for a further update.

At this point – other than the small number of leased lines down (which should be back in the next 60 minutes – there are no other issues. However as we don’t have any details of the cause of the issue – we should assume that connections and network there is ‘at risk’

We will update more as we have it


[Update 6:50]

Equinix have just sent the following update

Equinix IBX Site Staff reports that fire alarm was triggered by the failure of output static switch from Galaxy UPS system supporting levels 1, 2, 3, 4 in building 8/9 at LD8. This has resulted in a loss of power for multiple customers and IBX Engineers are working to resolve the issue.
The next update will be provided in approximately 30 mins.

[Update 9:50]

We have seen that some connections are returning and we expect this to continue – The fire alarm has now been re-instated which allows the Data Centre Staff to work round the issue with the UPS at the site. We are still seeing some links down but at this point in time this is not customer affecting

We will update further as we have it