On the 31st July we will be performing some upgrades to our network in Telehouse North

This will involve installing a new 10G Juniper Switch and installing an additional core router. The work is planned and there should be minimal disruption to services, We will be moving traffic away from the impacted links as the work progresses. This will mean that there will be periods while you may see different routes for traffic.

There is the chance of some very short periods of network disruption when some core fibre links are moved – but again this should only impact a small number of customers who have been advised in avance

This work is part of a rolling program that will significantly enhance the capacity and reliability of our network

We will be updating this post as the work progresses

[Update 1/8/2021]

The install of the 10G Switch is completed. We did not manage to install the new router due to some issues seen – we will re-pan this work for the next few days and update here once it is scheduled