We are aware of a network issue that is causing connectivity issues for some customers currently – the effect depends which PoP your connection is on.

Our engineers are aware and have been working to resolve this urgently. We expect to have an update in the next 30 minutes

[update 2:30pm]
We believe the vast majority of the packet loss and issues seen has now cleared.We are aware of a few sites that can’t be reached and there is ongoing work – with the potential for planned work later today. If you do have a site you can’t access etc please do email support or call in since the extra information will ensure that we check and clear all remaining issues.

[update 9:30pm]
Work on the network has now finished for tonight. The network has remained stable most of the day with the exception on a small number of sites which showed issues. Troubleshooting has been performed this evening and passed to the router vendor to help locate the underlying issue. However we do understand the trigger and have worked round these for now. If you are still seeing any issues please let us know. We will close this issue shortly and raised a planned work as needed in due course,

This issue is now fully resolved and out network is now live on our new network core