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Monthly Archives: January 2015

UPDATE: delayed At Risk – Generator Test / Service 21/01/2015

This test has now been delayed until 21st.

During the day of 12th January 2015 we are having a full service on our generator including a load bank test which will stress test our generator and ‘prove’ it is fully working and able to take the load from our data centre. This will not affect the ‘normal’ usage in our data centre.

However at times during the work this will mean the generator is not able to take the load IF a power issue occurs. We do still have our on site generator and we are not anticipating any issues – however as there is a small risk we are publishing this in advance.

We will update this post once the work is complete

Aircon – Avro Court [resolved]

We have been alerted to a possible issue with the main air conditioning unit at Avro Court. It is showing a ‘non critical alarm’.

This is currently NOT affecting the temperature of the data centre at all and we have an engineer en route.

We do not expect this to have any impact however there is obviously a risk if this situation changes – or if any remedial work is needed

The engineers attended and checked the air con and could find no fault – it is now back fully in service BUT being closely monitored

UPDATE: [completed] Battery Replacement – HEX UPS 6/01/15

UPDATE: this work has been successfully completed.

Our UPS at Harbour Exchange Square (HEX) in London is showing a battery fault and we have replacements on the way.

NOTE this UPS is in addition to the Data Centres own UPS and generator.

Subject to the arrival of the new batteries we are planning to replace the battery pack in the evening on Tuesday 6th January. This should not cause an outage as tney are designed to be swapped while the unit remains on.

However with all work on this kind there is a small risk.

We will update this post as the work progresses. Any questions please contact support in the normal way.


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