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At Risk – Sunday 8th November

We have been notified by EDF Energy of engineering works in Huntingdon which will lead to a planned power shutdown between the hours of 8am and 4pm on Sunday 8th November. This will mean there is no mains power to our data centre during this time.

We have a generator of our own which should take the load through this time and has been tested on numerous occasions however as with anything there is a small risk of an issue. We will have engineers on site during the day and we will be monitoring very closely though the day for any issues.

This post will be updated should any further information beccome available or any issues occur

[update 9:30am Utility Power to Huntingdon has now been shutdown we are running on our generator which switched over fine. We expect utility power to return at approx 4pm]

[update 4:20pm Utility power is now restored to our Huntington Data Centre and all services appear to be working fine with no outage experienced]


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