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Outage – Huntingdon Data Centre – Resolved [31/12/2012]

At approx 3:30pm today there was a power outage from the raw mains to our Huntingdon Data Centre which resulted in the loss of a single phase of the mains feed.

While we have a UPS and Generator backup to the data centre the actual failure coincided with a surge from the data we have here – this lead to our UPS protecting itself and our servers and consequently taking down the power feed to all servers in the data centre.

As soon as we were sure of the cause we manually transferred the power feed to our generator and restored power to all affected routers and servers – most were restored within 20-30 minutes. We are currently going through all remaining servers and checking their status.

We now believe that the main issue has been resolved and all public facing services and co-location servers are back and accessible.

IF you are still seeing an issue please call or email support the normal way and we will investigate and resolve the problem.

We are sorry for any issues that have been caused by this outage


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