We will be making two very small network changes today. Neither *should* cause any issues BUT may cause some very short blips

1) We are moving the switch that one of our London to Manchester links is connected to. There are redundant paths BUT you may see a blip for ~1 minute while this link moves as traffic moves to alternative paths

2) Later this evening we will be re-enabling a redundant link in London. This should not have any impact BUT again there is a small risk of a blip as the network re-converges. IF we see any issues we will simply disable the link.

The first change (as it is low risk) will be performed by engineers at the data centre some point today. The second change will happen this evening.

This work is completed – all resilient links are now working in London and you should see a improvement on service and speed from this work. We *may* be some network balancing across the links but we will review this and announce this at a later date