COMPLETED: All Work was completed during the evening on 26th November and the Data Centre now has full access to both Mains Power, Generator Power and the UPS. There was no outage to hosted servers during the work.

UPDATE: we will have engineers on site on Thursday 26th, to replace parts in our automatic transfer panel. Most of the work will not be service affecting, however there will be a short period where the data centre will be supplied by UPS alone. While we don’t anticipate any disruption, the power to our racks should be considered at risk during this period. All “at risk” work will be carried out outside core business hours and we will have staff and external electricians on site as needed to monitor/resolve any issues found.

UPDATE: the engineers are about to isolate the mains supply and generator and move us over to UPS power. This has been tested to support the data centre for at least 30 minutes but for the period of down-time, we are at risk.

We are aware of an issue with our changeover panel here and an engineer is en-route to work on this.

If the panel needs to go off-line then resilience will be reduced for a short period but the generator and UPS are still available and have just been fully tested as part of our normal weekly maintenance regime and will cut in automatically. As a reminder, the generator has fuel for at least 24-hours of continuous running.

Once the panel issue has been resolved, we’ll update this post.