[Update 15th March] This work has been completed
[Update 14th March] As of tonight, the main outgoing server will be switched to the new site; anyone using an SSL connections needs to ensure they have changed their outbound server name to port.merula.net
[Update] The new post.merula.net server is up and running – If you use SSL or wish to test sending email please try changing to this server name and ensure you can send email OK. Once we are happy we will update the DNS so that post.merula.co.uk also points to the new server.
We are in the process of bringing into service additional upgraded hardware for our outbound email servers (post.merula.net and post.merula.co.uk). At the same time, we have taken the opportunity to upgraded the security certificate.
A side effect of the certificate change on the mail server will require anyone using SSL in their email client to change the Outbound server name from post.merula.co.uk to post.merula.net
The new servers will be made live over this weekend to allow people time to make the necessary changes.
As always, if you have any concerns, please raise a ticket to support@merula.net.