As part of a upgrade from multiple 1G Interconnects to multiple 10G Interconnects one of our wholesale supplier will be swapping the optics on two of our links to them during the day on 15th July.

We will be doing our best to move sessions away from the link being worked on – however some customers may see one or two brief PPP drops as the optics are swapped and the link brought back as a 10G Link

Note this does not affect all broadband services. We apologise for this being during the day however we are limited by the supplier to the times available to perform this.

We anticipate the drops being between 10:30am and 2pm. However as mentioned all connections should automatically fail over to an alternative interconnect and re-connect within seconds. If your router does not auto connect please perform a full reboot and if that fails – contact support via the normal routes.

We will update this post as the work progresses


[Update 10:30 15/7]

The supplier has delayed this work until approx 2:30 this afternoon – we will confirm the new time slot once confirmed. We apologise for the change of the time slot


[Update 16:30]

This change completed before 4pm today all Interconnects are now upgraded to 10G