Following the recent issue on our core switch issue – our switch vendor has asked us to urgently upgrade the firmware version on our Juniper switches to a new release they have provided us to clear a bug located through their investigations.

Due to the potential of a repeat of the previous issue we are performing the upgrade this evening to ensure there is no impact on service this coming week and to ensure the service is stable and with full resilience for the week.

In normal circumstances this would be performed out of hours / however to ensure that we have the resources available should any unexpected issues occur we are performing these upgrades through this evening meaning that IF we need to reboot / upgrade the core routers we can perform this later

The customer affect of this work will be a short period of packet loss when the affected switch reloads with the latest version of the firmware – there may be a small number of sorter periods of packet loss when other (not directly connected) switches reboot.

We anticipate the switch work will complete in the next 20 minutes

Again we apologise for the short notice on this change