Virgin Media have some planned work over the next few days which may affect one of the two core links to our Huntingdon Data Centre. We have spent the last few weeks improving and strengthening our network with a new EVPN based core.

We had planned a full failover test to be announced for late next week – however with this planned work – we have decided to run at least one part of the test later today.

In theory this will only leave a drop of a few seconds as traffic will re-route – However there’s a risk if there’s any issues some connectivity to Huntingdon MAY be lost while we troubleshoot any issues. We will have full control of this and can easily restore service if we need more time to troubleshoot

We are sorry for the short notice here but we’d rather be prepared and happy that failover works exactly as it is designed – as opposed to finding this out in a real issue on a link.

We will update as this work progresses / completes