We have had an alert that the UPS in one of our racks is failing – this is  discrete UPS as a backup in one of our core cabinets and not the main UPS. We will investigate this and swap out as needed.

Most equipment in the rack is dual fed so there will be no impact. However a few devices are single fed so there may be a small number of devices that briefly power down if the UPS needs swapping out

We plan to do this today as while these is short notice we feel it better to work at the weekend rather than a change or possible issue on a week day.

We will update this post as we are on site and investigate

[Update 13/2/23]
This work completed yesterday the faulty UPS was swapped out and replaced. There was a short downtime to a number of services in Huntingdon as one switch that was used to interconnect several racks was fed from the UPS that needed to be swapped