With the recent migrations from Air Broadband to Merula we need to perform a router reload and to add additional IP addresses to our routers pool to enable a large number of migrations. This should also clear the issue that has been seen the last few days.

Note this maintenance will only affect customers where we have ‘adopted’ the Air router as opposed to moving to our own setup. We anticipate this will be the last change we need to make for some time.

The plan for this evening is

1) Upgrade Router to latest firmware and reboot
2) Add additional IP Address Pools

Due to the nature of this customers on this router may see a longer initial outage from the upgrade / reboot (approx 10-20 minuites), followed by a few shorter drops as the extra IPs are applied and the router interface reset.

We will start this work shortly and update once complete


This work is now completed and we can see the sessions that dropped back and we see traffic passing. If you do see any issues – please let us know