Our engineers along with Telehouse will be working to upgrade the Power Supply to our rack in Telehouse West this evening to allow expansion and additional equipment to be installed. The rack had two resiliant feeds and all core equipment is connected to both feeds.

During the work one Power bar will be replaced at a time – reducing meaning there will for a short period be no resilience on the power in the rack. We do not anticipate any impact but the service should be considered at risk

We also have a fibre link between Telehouse West and Telehouse North which is showing some low level errors. Last week Telehouse tested the fibre which passed – while on site we will replace the optics on this link to see if this clears the issue – if not we will ask Telehouse to run further checks on this fibre. While this is being done again there will be a brief loss of resilience on our fibre ring but we do not expect any customer impact

We will update this if anything changes – and on completion of the work


This work completed on Friday evening – we did see two issues through this work. The router that is usd for some OFNL connections for Air customers had an issue for about an hour due to an unplanned powercycle and not re-starting correctly. A few fibre NNIs also bounced. This also affected one of our Name servers. We are sorry for any service disruption from this.