We are seeing a minor error on one of our switches in HEX for the past few weeks. We have tried a number of non service affecting fixes – which have unfortunately not cleared the issue.

The warnings at this point are not service affecting – however we want to clear this before it becomes a issue.

We are in the data centre for some other work tomorrow – and if time allows we will run some checks while we have an engineer there.

There is a risk we may need to power cycle the switch to try and clear the issue. Depending on what we find we may perform this tomorrow or we may schedule this another time.

There is no core routing via this switch however there are links to some leased line and broadband connections on the switch – IF the switch is rebooted most of these will see a brief drop while the sessions move to alternative links

We will update this as we know more


We performed some initial work here but will re-plan the re-boot / replacement for another date.