We are seeing one of our Virgin Media NNIs down currently affecting services that are provided on the affected NNI

This is being raised with Virgin Media currently and we will update this post as we have mode details.

NOTE this only affects leased lines on the one affected link – other services are working.

[Update 13:10]

We have the following update from Virgin Media

We’re aware of an issue impacting your servicesNetwork Teams have identified a number of 10gb High Capacity Services have lost connectivity.An Engineer had already been requested and arrived onsite in Northampton at 12:13 and investigations are underway. All respective support teams have been engaged to progress investigations and create a fix plan.

We will update as we know more

[Update 14:00]

We have seen the affected NNI return to service just before 2pm. We do not have an update from Virgin to confirm that this is fully resolved – but for now we see services  back to normal. We do treak them as ‘at risk’ until the issue is closed down.