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Monthly Archives: December 2009

ADSL Issues 17/12/2009

at approx 1:20am we noticed that a number of user connections had dropped. After some testing it was determined that this issue was not on the Merula network but on one of our 100M links that connect our sessions to BT’s network. This issue ws reported and the cause was investigated.

As of 3:20 most if not all conenctions seem to have returned. We are currently awaiting an update on the cause of the problem.

If you are still seeing an issue please reboot your router and your connection should return. Any problems just give us a call or email our support address

ADSL issue 15/12/2009

Due to a BGP iossue on one of our BT centrals some users would have seen intermittent access this afternoon. This was resolved by resetting all sessions at approximately 4:30 this afternoon at ehich point we saw all sessions work fine. We are currently investigating why this happened and what can be done to prevent this happening again.

Our apologies for any problems caused.


The main support number is 0845 330 0666 (geographical 01480 355566)

There’s a second, fallback (geographical) number: 01480 411616. All numbers ring directly at our support centre, manned 24hrs x 365 days a year.

We'd also suggest that all customers subscribe to our mailing list (link above); status messages and updates will be delivered by email.