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Monthly Archives: August 2011

[Completed] UPS service work


The maintenance work was undertaken with no issues.


We apologise for the lack of notice.

The main UPS is being serviced today. We expect no down-time or service issues.

COMPLETED: – shared hosting server downtime 18th Aug

[UPDATE] The server move was completed successfully. We believe that all sites are functioning correctly. However, if you think your site has a problem, please email in the normal manner.

[PLANNED WORK] We are seeing a sudden large number of hard drive errors indicating a possible near-term failure on this server which hosts a small number of shared websites. To ensure that this doesn’t cause problems later, we have decided to move this server to a new VM after normal business hours today unless the error rate increases and we need to move more quickly. Down-time of no more than an hour should be expected. We apologise for the short-notice.

Planned maintenance work on transit links 24th August

We have been advised by one of our transit providers that there may be a brief period of instability on some routes between HEX and Manchester early in the morning of 24th August. There should be no loss of service.

Date and Time of Maintenance: 24/08/2011 00:15 – 03:00

Ticket Ref: 120581
Description: Edge-IX Peering LAN Migration
Services Affected: Edge-IX Service

Justification: Expansion of the Edge-IX Peering LAN

Impact: Due to the nature of this work, you may experience a very short disruption in your service during the specified window.

[Closed] Electrical work on main supply board 17th August

We are undertaking some remedial work on the electrical supply to a client cabinet that involves access to the main electrical supply board for the server room. We don’t envisage this causing any problems and are posting this as informative only.


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