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Monthly Archives: March 2015

[COMPLETED] Aircon – Avro Court

[UPDATE] Work completed successfully late yesterday afternoon. We’re now back at N+1 on the air-con units.

One of our two redundant air-con units has developed a fault; the second unit kicked in automatically and the everything is running correctly but until this unit is fixed (we are waiting for parts to be delivered for the engineer to install) we running at less than full redundancy.

Cleared at 12:29 At Risk – Avro Court

UPDATE: the electrical company replaced the sub-station fuse & the phase came back on-line.

There is currently a power outage affecting the area around our Data Centre in Huntingdon. The generator is providing power as it should – however services should be considered at risk.

UK Power networks are aware and have an engineer on route to replace what they believe is a blown fuse at the local substation

We will update this as we know more.


Network ‘Blip’ 12/03 12:10 am

We have just seen a short outage with routing within our Network – primarily to our Avro Court Data Centre.

This seems to have been caused by one of the core links flapping between Telehouse and Huntingdon. The link appears to have stabilised and we are monitoring for any ongoing issue here.

We are also liaising with one of our fibre providers to see if they are aware of the issue

Core router swap-out Due: 13th March 2015 Time: 10pm onwards

We are upgrading & replacing one of our resilient core Cisco routers in Telehouse late on Friday night.

Whilst we do not expect any down-time on any of our circuits related to this work, you should be aware that there may be temporary routing issues for a period up to an hour, whilst this is being completed.


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