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Planned network changes at our Telehouse co-locate facility 14th Jan 2016

Planned Duration:

Start: 14/01/2016 00:01 GMT
Finish: 14/01/2016 04:00 GMT


Migrate a number of supplier back-haul links to new hardware in preparation for planned upgrades.

Customer Impact:

Customers should not experience any loss of connectivity as part of this work. Traffic will be cleanly moved across to alternative links before links are moved into other line cards. This period should be considered as AT RISK only.

Network Blips today [04/05/2015]

We are seeing packet loss on one of the 3 links from our Huntingdon Data Centre to London. We have shut the link down which has eliminated the packet loss – BUT has left slightly less resilience on our network.

Late this evening we will be re-enabling the link and running some tests – enabling us to report the issue to our provider as needed. During the tests there may be short periods with reduced access (or packet loss) to our servers in Huntingdon

We apologise for any issues caused

Christmas/New Year arrangements

Please note that the offices in Huntingdon will be closed between midday 24th Dec and 9am January 2nd 2015

Over this period, urgent telephone support calls will still be answered when calling 0845 330 0666. Email support tickets will be handled intermittently, so if the need is urgent, please call the support line who will escalate if appropriate.

We wish you all a restful & happy Christmas and New Year.

Huntingdon Network Maintenance 2nd October / 3rd October 2014

We are planning to perform some network maintenance at our Huntingdon data centre on the evening of the 30th September and 1st October. The work will take place during the evening on these days and there may be short interruptions to *some* services.

The work is planned to upgrade the network capacity and re-arrange the network layout in our data centre to add resilience and to increase the available speed for services hosted here.

The outage on most servers will be 1 or 2 breaks no longer than 2-3 minutes.

Note this work was postponed and will hopefully take place overnight tonight

Core Link Congestion 25/09/2014 [ resolved]

Our Primary link between London and Manchester has been down during some of the day due to a issue with one of our fibre suppliers. They are working on restoring service asap.

We do have resilient links in place so there is no full outage here – however these may be some slight congestion / lag on traffic between London and Manchester (and some traffic to Huntingdon) as the remaining links are at a higher load than normal

This issue has now been resolved

At Risk – UPS Work at Huntingdon 29/02/2012 [completed]

We have identified an issue with the reporting from our primary UPS in the Huntingdon Data Centre. We have specialist engineers arriving on site with the necessary spares to fully test and resolve this issue.

During the work there will be times when the data centre will be powered via mains power rather than via the UPS system. This means that in the unlikely event of a problem with mains power to the building there may be issues with some services here.

We do not anticipate any issues but wanted to advise our customers of this work due to the slight risk associated with it.

This work has now been completed with the replacement of the main board in our UPS which appears to have resolved all issues

Network oddness

Some users may have spotted issues reaching some of our services and with some of our ADSL connections between 0:30 and 1am. It appears that due to an error by a third party a a network loop was created causing some routing to get a little confused.

The issue seemed to have righted itself while we were investigating. We are reasonably confident that all services and servers are now fully working but we are investigating the root cause here to try and protect ourself against a reoccurred

ADSL Issue [resolved]

Some ADSL users may have seen an issue from approx 8:45 and 9:00 this was due to an engineer on site making a change to our ADSL routers that caused a temporary loss of connection for some users. As soon as the problem was spotted the issue was resolved.

We are sorry for any issues resulting from this and will ensure this does no happen again

network issue [resolved]

Between about 5am and 8:30 some users may have seen an issue with a loss of connectivity to a small number of locations. Investigations have shown that a issue in Manchester stopped some traffic routing correctly and blocking access to some locations and servers.

We have now investigated this issue and resolved the visible issue. We are however investigating the full reason for the issue seen and looking into what can be done to prevent it occuring again.

Network issue [resolved]

There was an issue affecting access to some network services located in Huntingdon and Manchester on the 7/01/2010 from appro 6pm until midnight.

The cause was seperate failures of our two links to Huntingson (one via Manchester the other direct from London to Huntingdon.

One we were aware of the incident we used another backup link to provide access to most services in Huntington and Manchester although a small number of servers could not be reached via this route. We are waiting details from our supplier a to the cause of the main link (the other link was taken down for an upgrade that is to be completed in the morning).

We apologise for any issues that this may have caused and we are working to ensure this does not happen again


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