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Manchester Network Upgrade 14/08 – 15/08

During the afternoon / evening of the 14th August we will be performing a range of upgrades at our Manchester PoP. These include

  • Replacement of UPS  Batterys
  • Upgrade Core Switches
  • New Access Switches
  • Upgraded Core Routers
  • New Servers

During some periods of the maintenance routes that would normally route via Manchester will take an alternative route. It also means that some backup leased Lines will be unavailable for a short period.

While the maintenance window is wide we hope that the actual core network will not be affected for more than an hour or so – hopefully less. All the replacement hardware has been setup and tested in our Lab. Note that we are not anticipating any issues with our core network in any other location and Broadband, etc should be affected – However it should be considered ‘at risk’. These upgrades should further enhance the stability of our core network

If there are any questions please raise them via the support mailbox

Issue with

Our primary outgoing smart mail server was down for a short while from approx 2pm due to a customers PC becoming compromised and sending a very high level of spam. We paused delivery on this server while the affected emails where removed from the mail queue to minimise the risk of the sever being black listed.

Mail delivery has now been re-enabled. While clearing the mail queue there is a small possibility that email sent just before the incident may not have been sent. If you are awaiting a reply to an email and are not sure it is probably safer to re-send just in case the email was not received.

We are sorry for the slow updated but we where concentrating on resolving this issue and did not anticipate the mail queue clearing to take so long

If you are still seeing any issues please drop an email to support as normal or call us on 0845 330 0666

UPDATE: 12th August Telehouse North – Virgin Media Business

We’re reminding you of the planned work due on 12th. Full details are available here:

Apart from the downtime shown there we don’t expect any other issues to be seen.

UPDATE: Windows 10 “Anniversary Release” drops 2nd August

On Tuesday 2nd August, Microsoft release the new version of Windows 10 and we expect there to be a significant up-tick in traffic because of this, both throughout the whole day and probably well into Wednesday.

We have plenty of spare capacity within our network and don’t envisage any problems directly affecting circuits supplied by us but the backhaul providers will be under pressure, so be aware that transit may be slower than usual until this traffic dies down naturally.

There is still time to move to one of our unlimited tariffs before this onslaught hits!

If you’d like to upgrade, then please get in touch straight away. Email us using this link or call our free sales line on 0800 298 2375.

Telehouse Maintenance Tonight (06/07/2016) [ COMPLETED]

Following on from the outage last week we are seeing a issue with some IPv6 traffic being sent via our thn-gw1 router. To fix this we need to restart one of the routing processes. While this is low risk we will perform this out of hours tonight at approx 10pm.

We are not expecting any issues from this – however there is a small risk of a network blip if we have to reboot the router rather than restart the stuck process.

We will update this ticket as the work progresses

This work is now completed and the issue should be resolved – if anyone has any issues please contact support in the normal way


Network Blip 10/07/2016

Due to a crash in one of our core routers in Telehouse North a few minutes ago this rebooted causing a very brief loss of service to come customers as the backup router took over the routing.

Customers directly connected would have seen a slightly longer outage. All routers are back up and running and full service should be restored. If you have a broadband service with us and are seeing an issue PLEASE try to reboot as this should solve any remaining issues.

We apologise if not all calls where answered during the issue- the team where busy answering calls and ensuring the issue was resolved as quickly as possible

Notification of Planned Work: 12th August Telehouse North – Virgin Media Business

We need to let you know about some maintenance work that will be taking place on our network. We will be upgrading one of our network back-haul links into the VMB node at our London, Telehouse North site.

Planned Work Start (Local UK): 12/08/2016 00:01 Planned Work End (Local UK): 12/08/2016 06:01

Impact: There will be a loss of service at some point during the timeframe stated above whilst we complete the maintenance work. You will see several interruptions to your service during the 2 hour outage window. We have planned and believe that all circuits will automatically return to service after the work is completed

Only those circuits supplied via VMB will be affected. Please email into support in the normal manner if you have any questions.


[update 17:40]

We believe that all connections have now been restored. If you still have VOIP problems, please raise a ticket in the usual manner.

We apologise for this down-time and are actively investigating alternatives and fail-over solutions as this is the second such outage in a few months.

[update: 16:00]

We understand that services are slowly being restored. This may take some time so please bear with us — we’re in the hands of the external supplier here. Further updates will follow as we get them through from the supplier network.

[update 14:52]

The supplier advises that the incident currently affecting their network is down to a Denial of service attack. They are now working with transit vendors to stop the attack and restore the network. Further updates will follow.

[update at 13:49]

Please be advised that the supplier is continuing to investigate the cause of this issue and apologise to all our customers who are affected by this. Further updates will follow.

We’re aware of issue affecting our core supplier which has dropped all of our VOIP circuits including our own PBX. There is no time to fix yet but we’ll update this ticket as we know more.

UPDATE: upgrading Virgin Media fibre into 5 Avro Court 23rd & 24th March

In preparation for additional fibre capacity being brought into the building tomorrow evening — with work commencing on both dates at 6pm — tonight we will force the traffic over our other two backup supplier back-haul channels to ensure that when the Virgin circuit is swapped over to the new fibre connections tomorrow, no down-time is seen.

This may result in some very temporary route instability and slight increase in routing times seen as the work starts & ends tonight and tomorrow. This should resolve automatically.

As always, if you have any concerns, please contact support in the usual manner.

INFORMATION: transit backhaul maintenance work 5th April

Date of work: 5.04.16
Start time: 04:00 GMT
End time: 05:00 GMT
Place of work: London Telehouse North
Work description: Software upgrade on transit supplier core routers

We believe there will be no impact but there could be some very temporary route instability and slight increase in routing times seen as the work starts & ends. This should resolve automatically.