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Monthly Archives: July 2008

‘At Risk’

During some initial tests on our generator today in advane of the maintanance work on Friday engineers have found a suspect control board. This controls and monitors the generator and is not directly involved in the power feed to our racks.

As part of the work on Friday it is planned to replace this board and resolve the data issue currently being seen. This work should not cause any issues at all, but since this is working on live equiment there is always a risk of an unexpected issue.

We currently don’t have a time for this work to be completed but we will update here as soon as possible

Generator maintanance / test

As part of the maintenance at our data centre in Huntington we will have engineers performing maintenance on  one of our generators on the morning of July 11th. There should be no outage or problems related to this but it will reduce resilience  while this takes place.

Mail Scanning issues

Due to a huge increase in spam and a hardware failure on one of the mail scanning servers here we are aware that some email has been delayed over the last 24 hours. We now have all servers back up and running and an extra server will be live later this evening.

This issue has also made us bring forward an upgrade to the scanning engine – this has been in testing for a while bit is now live – this should also reduce the amount of spam received – and the accuracy will increase as time goes on.

if you are still seeing any issues please call or email and we will look into the issues as soon as possible


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