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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Brief network bounce this morning

As part of our preperation to perform more diagnostics on one of our routers in Telehouse North following the issues we have been seeing with it we have made some changes to the network configuration. These will also reduce the reliance on this router and therefore mean that any further issues will not be customer affecting.

During the config change you *may* have seen a very brief network issue to some locations however this should not have lasted more than 2-3 minutes at a maximum. All work is now complete and if you are still seeing any issues please contact support in the normal manner.

We apologise for the lack of notice here but wanted to ensure that any furter issue did not cause any problems

Central Pipes unbalanced

Due to a BT incident earlier for which we are still waiting clarification we are currently seeing an imbalance on the central pipes used for the  @adsl.merula and @adsl.wizards realms. if your login is one of the above and you are seeing slow speeds you may like to diconnect and re-login in an attempt to change to the less congested central.

You may need to do this more than once since you have a 50/50 chance od re-connecting to the congested cental.

if we can get moew details from BT we will post them here

Possible Disruption Friday 16/5

Further from the recent router issues we have determined that this is caused by a memory issue on the router hardware. We have now sourced replacement RAM and we will have engineers on site on Friday to replace this. The router itself way be down for 10-15 minutes but most if not all traffic should work round this and there should be little if any noticeable issues

Short outage this afternoon

There was a short outage (lasting 10-15 mins) to some servers that are behind one of our core routers (lon3-gw1). Upon investigation it appeared that the router had crashed and was rebooted.

This appears to have restored service and we are now monitoring the router closely – however we do not expect any further issues at this time.

Partial Outage this afternoon

Due to a power failure in one of our London data centres this afternoon some users may have seen issues with some of our services for a short while. Most services were unaffected but thouse routing through Telehouse North may have been affected for approx 30 minutes (many services routed around this issue).

The data centre have confirmed that a number of racks in the suite we are in lost power due to a UPS fault. We are awaiting further assurances that steps have been taken to ensure this issue does not re-occur.

We apologise for any problms caused


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