OFNL Emergency Maintenance 16/03/23 [completed]

With the recent migrations from Air Broadband to Merula we need to perform a router reload and to add additional IP addresses to our routers pool to enable a large number of migrations. This should also clear the issue that has been seen the last few days.

Note this maintenance will only affect customers where we have ‘adopted’ the Air router as opposed to moving to our own setup. We anticipate this will be the last change we need to make for some time.

The plan for this evening is

1) Upgrade Router to latest firmware and reboot
2) Add additional IP Address Pools

Due to the nature of this customers on this router may see a longer initial outage from the upgrade / reboot (approx 10-20 minuites), followed by a few shorter drops as the extra IPs are applied and the router interface reset.

We will start this work shortly and update once complete


This work is now completed and we can see the sessions that dropped back and we see traffic passing. If you do see any issues – please let us know


Leased Line Router Upgrades 20/2/23 and 21/2/23

Our Router vendor has released a new firmware for the routers we install at our customer premises

Over the two dated above we will perform a rolling upgrade to all of our Leased Line customer routers.

Each affected customer will see a 5-10 minute drop on their service while their router upgrades and reboots. Upgrades will start after 10pm each evening and complete in the early hours of the following day.

If you have any questions please do email the support team

At Risk – Network Change 18/2/22 22:00 – 02:00 [completed]

We will make a small network change to update the MTU between a number of our core devices to improve network performance.

This will likely cause a brief blip as the change is applied.

We will update this post as the work completes

[Update 18/2/23]
This work completed just after 10pm yesterday evening and was a sucess


At Risk – Network change 20/2/23 22:00 – 02:00 [completed]

We are planning a window to extend our network to two new Data Centres (Cloud House and Slough

There should be no impact on the services, however this is classed as an “At Risk” maintenance window, due to the nature of the works on core network infrastructure.

We will update this post as the work progresses and completes

[Update 21/2/23]
This wok is completed with no impact


UPS Swap Avro Court [completed]

We have had an alert that the UPS in one of our racks is failing – this is  discrete UPS as a backup in one of our core cabinets and not the main UPS. We will investigate this and swap out as needed.

Most equipment in the rack is dual fed so there will be no impact. However a few devices are single fed so there may be a small number of devices that briefly power down if the UPS needs swapping out

We plan to do this today as while these is short notice we feel it better to work at the weekend rather than a change or possible issue on a week day.

We will update this post as we are on site and investigate

[Update 13/2/23]
This work completed yesterday the faulty UPS was swapped out and replaced. There was a short downtime to a number of services in Huntingdon as one switch that was used to interconnect several racks was fed from the UPS that needed to be swapped

LNS Config Tweak – 19/1/2023 22:00 – 23:30 [completed]

We are making a small change to the config of our new LNS servers for broadband services

This may cause a very brief drop on some PPPoE sessions to us – and your connection may drop. This drop should last more than a few seconds while the router re-connects.

We will update this page as the work progresses


The main config change here has been completed – the only noticeable difference for customers is they may see a different upstream IP on a traceroute in some cases). Some sessions did reset as predicted but we saw all sessions that dropped re-connect. If you do see any issues please reboot your router and if that fails contact support the normal way


Switch Reboot Telehouse North and East [10/10/2022]

Following the advice of Juniper we are deploying an upgrade to the Juniper Software to our core switch in telehouse North and East and rebooting to clear an at risk issue on the switch.

Expected downtime per site is approx 10 minutes – we will update the sites one at a time.

While the switches are working find now we the upgrade clears a known issue that can cause instability which we have seen in the Lab.


At Risk Network Change – 25/09/2022

Through a customer report we have become aware of an issue with a MPLS link across our network. To resolve this we need to change the MTU across some of our core links.

We need to make this change this evening to fully restore service on the link. We will make the change link at a time – Due to the resilience built into our network we don’t anticipate any issue on our network – However with any config change there is a risk of a small number of very brief dropouts or you may see slightly different routing between sites.

We will update this as the work completes



At Risk Huntingdon Data Centre – 23/9/22 [completed]

As we have previously announced due to the closure of Equinix Reynolds House in Manchester we have moved our Manchester PoP to a new location

This Friday our carrier is moving our 10G Link from Huntingdon to Manchester to the new PoP in Manchester

Through this we will be using our primary link to London so we do not expect any issues – However for a short period we will be without redundancy / backup to Huntingdon

Note in this case the work is through the daytime – as his means additional engineering resources are available to ensure the change is smooth and without issues

We will update this post as the work progresses and completes

Virgin Media completed the circuit move Friday evening – we now have moved all links back to our net resilient network core.

Switch Replacement – 10/09/2022 22:00 – 11/09/2022 03:00 [completed]

Following on from the switch replacement in London Harbour Exchange square recently the vendor had advised us of a potential fan issue on the switch supplier and have supplied is with a second replacement switch,

We will swap this switch (again) on Saturday evening to ensure that all fans etc are fully working

While we have allowed a four how window here we expect the outage to be no longer than 10-20 minutes all being well.The new switch is all pre-configured so this is a simple chassis swap

We apologise for the extra work here but we would prefer to ensure there’s no potential unplanned issue here

This work was completed at 22:16 on Saturday with an outage of less than 10 minutes